My name is Jody Williams, I’m 16 and currently a first year student at Penwith college doing level 3 lens based media.

Throughout this year at college, I have not only learnt all about media and how I want to be able to travel through my journey of life with it but I have also learnt a lot about myself and who/ what has influenced me.

When in secondary school I found writing to be a big part of life. I used to write blogs and journals and I found it not only enjoyable for myself but a big opening within my life. Then, when coming to college it broadened my opportunities to be able to write for a living, my goal in life is to become a writer/ journalist/ blogger and travel around as much as I possibly can.

One influence for this is the festivals that I have started going to. Being introduced into the festival life has really opened up my eyes to big opportunities for the future. While at one festival called “the great estate” my friend and I were talking to a food van owner and we expressed our interest in working within festivals and he suggested to us that we make a blog, perhaps about food at different festivals and as we begin to build it up and get known it can definitely lead us into that kind of life style.

Although I do have somewhat of a plan of what I could possibly do in the future I am still trying to figure out if university would be the best place for me to go to as I want to travel and live as free spirited as I possibly can that includes traveling and living the “free spirited” and “hippy” life.

So, right now I am hoping that college can help me with whatever direction of life I chose to have in the future and make adult life as enjoyable for m as possible.




















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