The 9th of September 2016


Blog post 1

Coming from my secondary school in Helston I didn’t have many skills following media as I chose catering, health and social, geography and history. However, I made the correct choice of dropping history and geography to focus on my other subjects to make sure that I would have more time to work towards them.

I have decided to do media in Penwith college because in the future I want to work for a Magazine (possbibly for fashion or travelling as they are both things that I love.) Doing media in college is going to allow me to learn the skills that I’m going to need for working in a magazine and will help me within the job that I am hoping to get when I’m older.

Today has been my first lesson of media. The first skill I have learnt today is how to create this blog. I have had a blog in the past, however I drifted away from it. I was currently doing my exams when I first created it so I didn’t have time to write in it, but, I also didn’t have anything to really write about as my life was pretty boring back then.

I am hoping that this media class is going to allow me to learn more skills that I can use in the future and can help me along the way to doing the things that I love, like writing and photography.

These are an example of the kind of magazines that I want to work at in the future, after university I want to begin my steps into the professional career of magazine work.















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