Skills building

21st September 2016

Last Wednesday was my first photography lesson. I’ve always liked to take pictures but I’ve never been into the technical side of photography. Starting Tuesday I am going to be taking on night classes at Truro college to improve my skills.

In photography we had to study a photographer from a list that we were given. I chose the photographer Elliott Erwitt. I had never heard of this photographer but, I really like the kind of photos he takes. He takes photos of every day things but adds his own twists, his photos are taken in black and white.
huff-craig-s-smokng-edinburgh1This is an example of the work that Elliott Erwitt does.




I have also started graphic design. Graphic design is something that I’m really going to need in the future, luckily for me I actually know how to do some graphic design stuff so it’s not a complete blur for me. My skills for it are going to have to be improved a lot but I’m sure the more classes I do the better that I will become.

In graphic design the class had to make a poster. We were given the image and text to create this poster, but, we were allowed to design it how we wanted to. To create this poster I have used to type tool to display and edit the text. I also used the move tool so that I could move the text to where I wanted it to. I then used the cmd + T so that I could I rotate the text. 

I’ve had another sound lesson, sound for me isn’t great but I think I’m getting there with it, well kind of anyway. I’m using loops to create some kind of sound. It’s kind of terrible but its something so it will have to do.

Work experience. I never have done it and I don’t fancy going to a company and being like “hey please hire me, I’ll try not to cry while I’m here!” Luckily the first people that I need to work for are the college. I’m in a group with two people from my class called Shelby and Damien. We need to interview the games design class and ask them how they are liking college. We haven’t started yet and we have around 2 weeks to do this.

College overall? It’s getting better. I’ve met some pretty cool people and I’m enjoying the course. It’s a big step up from from school. There’s a lot more work to do but I have more freedom and I don’t need to wear a uniform. To be honest the whole I don’t need to wear a uniform is kind of annoying. I’m already starting to repeat outfits and running out of things to wear but, I can dress how I want to dress and not be forced to look like someone that I don’t want to be.


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