Skills building

The 29th September 2016

Friday is my deadline for all of my work to be done for my first 3 weeks of college. Ha, there’s a lot more work than I thought there would be. It’s mot that I’m struggling with it its just that there is so much to do and I’m kind of procrastinating through it all. Not ideal and I will get it done. It’s just that I’m probably going to not be sleeping tonight so that I can get it all done.

On Tuesday I had visual and audio theory. In audio theory the class where playing with Photoshop. It was actually pretty fun. Our task was to make Naomi Campbell into a boy and make it into a magazine cover.

I used the following things when making this magazine cover:

Magic wand tool

Create new layer

Brush tool

Eraser tool

Liquefy tool


Blending mode

In visual theory we are leaning about films. This includes the kind of characters used and the storyline of films. We are analysing a film trailer of our choice. I chose to do the conjuring as horror films are my favourite genre. So far I have learnt that the film covers the typical pattern of film making. The beginning, rising action, climax, falling action and the resolution. (Beginning) the family move into the house, (rising action) the family to begin to notice something unusual about the house, (climax) the family begin to get haunted by the spirits in the house, (falling action) the family ask for help from Ed and Loran, (resolution) the family and the house ae exercised and  live spirt free.   





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