Rituals building


Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander was born in December 1961 and is a London-based photographer, artist and director, known for his portraiture and landscapes.

nadav-kander-yangtze-04   nadav-kander_rosamund-pike  58ea763388d27aeb64527c7e255fd226


Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon was born in May 15, 1923 and died in October 1, 2004. He was American fashion and portrait photographer. An obituary published in The New York Times said that “his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century”.

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Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo was born 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a photographer who primarily works in portraiture and whose work engages with both documentary and art traditions with a focus on African communities.

tumblr_lzpoms0bra1r146zvo1_1280  At a traffic intersection, Johannesburg, 2011  1bcea5d001d298d85b81ab145beb860e


Floria Sigismondi

Floria Sigismondi was born in 1965 and is an Italian-Canadian photographer and director. Apart from her art exhibitions, she is best known for writing and directing The Runaways, starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

402376757_1280x720  e277e39231ccd5709671b7009ef5a9c9  438254762_1280x720

Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson was born September 26th 1962 and is an American photographer. He photographs tableaux of American homes and neighborhoods.

crewdson-gregory-untitled-man-in-the-woods-2003  07fd7d320a3388032b695d82a8848b62  188n09010_6wfkw

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson was born in August 22, 1908 and died in August 3, 2004. He was a French humanist photographer considered a master of candid photography, and an early user of 35 mm film. He pioneered the genre of street photography, and conceived of photography as capturing a decisive moment.

henri-cartier-bresson-henri-matisse-vence-france-1944  HCB1959037W05876/05A  f705da9a63734ecdae2dab4d3a76ad33


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