Rituals building

Graphic designers

David Carson

David Carson is an American graphic designer, art director and surfer. He is best known for his innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. He was born on September 8th in Texas.- Wikipidia

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Paula Scher

Paula Scher is an American graphic designer, painter and art educator in design, and the first female principal at Pentagram, which she joined in 1991. she was born on the 6th October in Washington D.C.- Wikipedia

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Neville Brody

Neville Brody is an English graphic designer, typographer and art director. he was born on April 23rd in Southgate London.- Wikipedia

Designers Republic

The Designers Republic is a graphic design studio based in Sheffield, England, founded in 1986 by Ian Anderson and Nick Phillips

Vaughan Oliver

Vaughan Oliver is a British graphic designer based in Epsom, South of London. Oliver is most noted for his work with graphic design studios 23 Envelope and v23. He was Born on September 12th

Saul Bass

Saul Bass was an American graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker, best known for his design of motion-picture title sequences, film posters, and corporate logos. he was born on May the 8th 1920.

My remake of Vaughan’s poster

The original


My remake




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