photography work

Scene and setting  (kinsmen the secret service)


A typical pub in England



-Bar stools

-Words on chalk board

-characters wearing jeans and typical day clothing, no dressing up or anything (except from the main character who looks out of place, although he is meant to.)

-Umbrella- the umbrella helps to keep up with the speed of the film, the faster that it is going, the faster the film time. Likewise, the slower it goes, the slower the film time.

These props were included in the scene because they are the final stag of completing the film. Without these props the character would feel less with touch with the film. These props help to show that the film, in this scene is based within a local pub in England. The beer glasses, bar stools and the bars tell you that is it based in a pub and the lighting and small detail like spirit bottles and chalk board help the character to feel more comfortable while watching the film.




Lighting in film

Pretty little liars is a good example of different lighting. For example, when the characters visit a town called Ravenswood the lighting reflects on the town. The town is meant to be distant, cold and mysterious. The producers of the series have decided to use a blue tint when filming Ravenswood. The blue reflects the towns atmosphere well, making the audience of the program feel strange when visiting the town though the screens. The average lighting in pretty little liars is bright colours like shown in the image below. Although rosewood is the place of terrible things happening bright colours are used to make the atmosphere brighter and colourful.

There is also a episode of pretty little liars where the episode was filmed in black and white. This is to set the scene of the setting being in the olden days. The props and costumes also also help to show this. The black and white colour create the episode to be more dramatic but it also makes the audience to feel uneasy. This is a good feeling for the audience to have as the girls so called “dead” friend comes back from the dead.





Mise en scene

Mise en scene is the word used to describe how a theatre or stage is designed and how the props are placed. It is how the props are used and how the scenery is set. The props and scenery of a film or theater is extremely important. It helps to set the time period, location and the story for the views. Without props what the viewers are watching would be confusing and boring.

Why is lighting important in film?

Lighting is important in film because it helps to create an atmosphere and mood within your film. It helps the audience to understand the setting and mood so it is more enjoyable and easier to understand. It also gives film more effect.

Hard light

Hard light creates a scene of darkness and dramatics within filming. It makes scene looks more dramatic and serious.

Image making proses:

-black background



I used the black background with the subject sitting in front of it. I then used the snoot for lighting and took the picture. The camera shutter speed was 1/125th of a second and the aperture was f/8.

Why would this kind of lighting be good in my film?

As I am doing a horror, using hard light would make the film contain dramatic effect that would suit the film good.




Diffused light

Diffused light is to create a soft and balanced kind of light. It is not harsh or direct. A good example is when you are outside and the sun is out and shining bright, with no clouds in the sky. The light is harsh and you will notice that there will be a lot shadows falling on or around your subject. But, if there are clouds they block out some of that harsh sunlight, the light then becomes diffused

As I am doing a horror film I wouldn’t really need to use this kind of lighting in my film. I will need to use more of a low kind of lighting.



High key light

High key photography is a modern lighting technique that is based on using mid-tone greys through to bright whites. The use of bright lights and lighting to eliminate shadow reduced the contrasts in the picture.

As I am doing a horror film I wouldn’t really need to use this kind of lighting in my film. I am looking at using a darker tone of light.


Coloured light

Coloured light can be used to create different kinds of moods within photos and films. For example, red can be used to represent anger whereas blue can be used to represent sadness or loneliness.

I can use this kind of lighting in my film to create different emotions within the film. For example, I can use blue to create a lost kind of sensation.

Low key light

Low key light is used to create shadows and shade. A reflector is used to illuminate the shadows and control the contrast.

This could be used within my film as it will create a dramatic sense in my film.



Props are important in films because they help to put the audience into a mindset of the time period and where the film character should be. Props are appropriate to character and setting, because, without them there would be no proper film. Everything would be confusing and there would be no characteristic and moods and feelings within the film.

















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