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Unit 7 (1) Assessment

Interactive media

Interactive media

Interactive media is where the person using the media type, weather it be a phone or a video, decides the outcome. They decide what way the story will go. There is a lot of different interactive media examples. One example is virtual reality. This is an example of interactive media because you, the audience and player of the game are in control of what is happening and you are deciding what way the game is going to go. Two different people will get two different outcomes due to how they are playing the game differently and what the chose to do within it. Another example of interactive media is mobile apps. In a lot of they typical mobile apps there are different characters you can choose from and different things you can chose to do. For example, in the game “Crossy Road” there ae over 200 characters to choose from and eat character allows you to collect different things and unlock “special” characters. This is interactive because you are choosing what way to play the game. Websites are also a form of interactive media. You can go on a website and it may have a questioner you can chose to do. This would be interactive media as the different questions you answer will lead you to another outcome. For example, if you are doing a “what job is most suitable for me?” the different questions that you answer will take you to a different job. If another person answers different questions to you then both will have different job answers. The pros of interactive media are: the fact that it makes it more interesting for the audience or player, with games you don’t just have to play have to play one character or some strict story line. You are able to chose in what way the game can go, making it a lot more interesting for the audience. The fact of doing questioners is also a pro because it is a lot quicker and simpler to do, just press a couple of buttons and you’re done. The Cons of interactive media is that if you’re an elder who isn’t with the 21st century or you can’t afford these products you will be unable to use interactive media.


Traditional media is basically anything that was before the 21st century. Before the 21st century there was barley any good kind of technology. Everything to do with media was print based, like news papers and magazines. However, you did also get the basic T.V and radio, but it was nothing like within the 21sty century. New media is technology based, over print. With new media it is a lot easier to access the media, you can just go on google and get up a webpage instead of having to go out and buy a news paper or magazine. New media consists of websites, blogs, computer games, computer multimedia and DVDs. There are both pros and cons of traditional media and new media. Firstly, the pros of traditional media are that you just have to go out and buy it and you will have it for as long as you want it. With new media you have to open up a webpage and search for what you are looking for, although it may be quicker in the long run for older people who may not understand this type of new media they would struggle and prefer to turn to the traditional media. New media is a lot cheaper to produce than traditional media, there is no need to use millions and billions of pounds to print out how many copies are needed of each news paper or magazine. Everything is on the internet and it is there forever, unless it gets taken down for some reason. It also means you don’t particularly need to leave the house to get papers and magazine, however is can also be seen as a con. This society is the laziest it has ever been and many blame the upgrade in technology on this.


Interactive media is where the audience choose what path the video will go and how it will finish. When watching the video, the audience will choose what path best suits their interest. The path that they are allowed to chose is shown on the screen and the audience has to click it to continue the story. Interactive media is good as it allows the character to be more interested and engaged on the story that is in front of them. There isn’t just one story that has to be followed, there can be as many as four, maybe even more. This type of video is good for selling things, such as pizza or clothes or promoting safeness with issues such as drugs and weapons. There are problems within interactive videos. One thing is the fact on technical problems. Editing may not work out and the endings might get put in the wrong order and the whole video wont make sense, causing problems for not only the creator of the video but also the audience. This can be stopped by careful editing. Another problem that can occur is with the when writing the plot. If the plot and the different endings don’t add up its just going to create complication for the creator and audience.



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