unit 7 (3) Planning

Location- Attic and woods

Props- Ouija board

Genre- Horror


Basic storyline:

Character exploring attic

Spots Ouija board

Starts playing the board

Ouija bored starts replying

Weird/ unexplainable things start to happen

Have to destroy board


More complex storyline:

-Boy goes up to explore the attic

-While exploring he discovers Ouija board (high pitch screaming sound is heard)

-He beings playing the board, not considering the rules

-sits down and tries to contact spirit.

-noises heard in other side of attic, tis ignored and the character carries on playing

-stereo starts playing by itself, slowly turns demonic

-goes up to stereo and picks it up and examines it, checks batteries, none in there however the light is still on but goes quiet for a bit then loud noise suddenly happens.

-launch stereo away

-Damien gets possessed.


The interactive side is deciding to yes or no, playing the board, weather you want to carry on the film, carry on playing or check the noise out. (cat run if checked out, thing thrown if not)

props and characters:

Ouija board

old radio

old stuff in attic











cat screeching

attic stairs falling down

boxes being moved

breaking bones


moving sound for ouija bored

earey ghost sounds

fain sounds of children talking/ screaming

Damien talking

clutter being moved about in the attic

Ghostly sound enters attic

these are the sounds that I am most likely going to be using in the film. I think that they all link in with aspect of horror and they are also known sounds in horror film  , especially the music. If I were to be using  happy music it wouldn’t suit into being a horror film and the audience would be confused with what was happening. All of the sounds in the list and looking at the plan of my film, I think that these are going to definitely be used to try and create the perfect horror that I have in my head.





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