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Unit 7 (5) Evaluation

The project i have had to do has been challenging as I didn’t take media to do film making as I am more into photography and the theory side of it.

Although filming wasn’t something that I was particularly interested in I did have fun filming and trying the editing. I’ve liked learning about props and lighting in my photography lessons and being able to film in my other lessons has been good and useful as well.

I did have some problems with the project however. the group i was in ( Damien and I) was good as we spend 90% of our time together anyway so we always could film without a problem but we have still struggled to finish in time and have had to have extra time to finish. Although the timing for the project was slightly difficult due to personal issues that made me struggle with attending some classes. I think that despite my personal issues Damien and I have still managed to finish in time, only having to take a week extra from the deadline. Another thing that me and Damien have struggled with is sticking to one story line. we have had to change it multiple times because the plans that we had were either too challenging for someone our level of work or we definitely wouldn’t have been able to manage it in the time length.

Other than those bad points everything else has gone okay, we have had access to a camera for the whole time and we been able to get to the location and use the props we need without access. the work that we have produced I think is good for workers of our level but I do think that we need to work more on time management.

the sound I think is the best thing out of the film. It all relates to a horror film and it leave the audience with a sense of being creeped out instead of happy with let’s say a comedy. I think that creating the beginning, opening scene for the film did make it a lot better and it already got the audience into the mind of a horror film before the film fully begun.

If there was something that I would do differently next time it would be make sure that we planned more efficiently and we sort out what we need to do earlier on.


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