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unit 5 essay

Once upon a time in the west


Once upon a time in the west- Essay 


A lot of instruments have been use in the opening scene of once upon a time in the west. As it is a western film the sounds reflect the setting of the scene from the film. The sounds used in this opening scene contains of some kind of squeaking sound made into a tune type thing, Stomping, Water splashing, wind, squeaky chair, rattling, wildlife (birds e.g.), fly, heavy breathing, coughing, gun hitting wood, fly flying around, coal train, a man drinking water and a train breaking.


There is a range of different volumes of sound in this film. The over all sound at the begging was a neutral squeaking sound made into a kind of tune that sets the scene of the film. There are dramatic seconds in the film where the sound gets louder, for example there is a scene where a character rips a wire out of the wall and another scene where he hits a fly on a piece of wood. These sounds are much louder than the neutral sound of the squeaking, they also play with the character.


The sounds do reflect the characters. The character doing these actions is a bad guy. The sounds are loud that represent bad, if they were quieter and less sudden then the character wouldn’t be reflected as such bad character. Every time a new character is shown in the opening scene the sound around them gets a lot louder and dramatic. Some kind of sound is also happening when introducing a character, weather it be a water leak or a dog or a fly. All of the men have guns as well and this represents them being the bad guys. The train then loudly comes into the scene, setting the scene for the story that is about to begin.


When it comes to the mood of the film, when there is the neutral sound you feel a lot calmer but then when the characters are introduced with the louder sounds you feel a lot more alert. From the opening I feel that the mood is meant to be calm and lazy. There isn’t a lot happening and everyone is just relaxing and waiting for the train to come in. After the train has come in its then that the mood changes to being more awake and serious.





In insidious a very spooky sound used throughout the opening credits and it sets the film off to an incredibly creepy start. The sound/ used is made out of a violin and other stringed instruments with the occasional slight drum sound. The sound is loud and very high pitch. Scaring any viewer watching this film. It is the perfect opening sound for a horror movie completed with spooky black and white images of inside a house. The begging opening scene is completed with snoring when the main character is in bed and when she gets up there is squeaking from floor bored and her going though various boxes from her family just moving into a new house.


The loud noises really do indicate that this is a horror film and it is meant to scare you. The sound is loud and ear hurting. When the film actually starts it is meant to be more settled, but they still use loud sounds when something happens, like with the floor boards, a crying baby or a kettle being boiled.


The sounds reflect the bad characters and the bad situation in the film but it doesn’t reflect on the main characters of the film. The sounds in this film are mainly used to freak you out more than anything.


The mood in this film is created by the sounds. You are meant to feel scared and on edge and this film really does achieve that. The sound at the opening scene is especially successful for this.


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