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Unit 6 Evaluation

I think that the work for unit 6 could have been so much better if  had spent more time on it. The planning wasn’t completely accurate as Damien and I had to keep on changing the story line. I think that if I were to do it again I would definitely keep up with the work more and have everything in a good order.

The film i know could have been so much better if we had more time to do it. towards the end of the project Damien and I were majorly stressing because scenes that we had used before were either not up to our standers and Damien kept on changing what he was wearing and his hair so we could have a miss match film. I think that the interactive side threw us a bit as well as we were getting confused with the different endings that we had. The good parts though is that we had everything we needed for the film and we used a range of different angle shots.

The sound effects that we used in the film I think were good and spot on for what we needed. We imported clips from sound snap to make our film more realistic.


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