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Mind maps


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My idea

My idea is to create posters for my FMP. I very quickly decided on the format as I hope to build a portfolio that will support my career aspirations.  For me it was very obvious to base my project themes on Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (1865)  because as a child I loved the story and the fantastical ideas it promotes.  I love the idea of being lost in a fantasy world full of surreal and unnatural atmospheres. For me, as a child, this film was like a get away from the “real world” that I live in and let me enter a world of uncertainty and adventure.

I didn’t like Tim Burtons (2010) adaptation because I feel like the saturation of the film made it difficult for me to watch. But, I was also expecting this film to be a lot more dark, scary and horror based  due to the fact that it was made by Tim Burton. When creating my posters I know that I do not want to take inspiration from Tim Burton’s interpretation film and posters and I feel that the saturation and just over all change of the theme doesn’t appeal to me and what I am wanting to create within my work.

I am going to do a series of posters for my FMP as part of a advertising campaign for Alice in wonderland. Each poster is going to feature a key character from the movie, these characters are: Alice, The Mad Hatter, The Queen Of Hearts, The Cheshire Cat and the Flowers in the garden. Each poster is then about their part in the story. I also plan to make the poster a much darker version of the original book and film. Maybe making my photography black and white? I want to aim to make these posters kind of horror but to also follow the storyline of Alice in wonderland.

Wonderland to me is a place like Alice on wonderland. Where everything is a dream and its far away from the real world and it can be anything that you imagine. Its mysterious and can sometimes be unpleasant. It can be filled with whatever you want.

Mood board

 Existing products

This is Tim Burton’s trailer for Alice in wonderland and Alice through the looking glass.  In my opinion the colours are much too saturated and it makes the film difficult to watch. This is a shame as Tim Burton’s work is normally amazing and the kind of style that I like, for example Edward scissor hands, the nightmare before Christmas and charlie and the chocolate factory. Tim Burton is known for his dark and Gothic work, so Alice in wonderland and Alice through the looking glass was such a disappointment for me. There was so much protectional for his film but he ruined it, to me it wasn’t really dark enough and it took a different turn from the original Alice in wonderland story that I love.

The Walt Disney version of Alice in wonderland in my opinion is so much better, its old which is great because I love watching old cartoons. It also follows a more simple story life and it is a good Disney film. It has a good use of colours, the music works really well as its simple and original. It is much easier to watch and for me it is much more enjoyable over all.  I wish that Tim Burton’s film followed this story line more but focus on the dark side of the story more. As this was a film for any ages Walt Disney couldn’t focus on this side of the story. Theory’s have said that Alice in wonderland is about drugs or bad dreams.

This is what I want to focus my work on. I want to do the kind of work that hasn’t been focused on before and I want to take a different approach to what Tim Burton or Walt Disney or what Lewis Carroll even did.


In original copies of Alice in wonderland Lewis Carroll, drawn by John Tenniel. They are different and make me feel kind of on Edge, especially the ones of the Queen of hearts. They show what is happening in the scene clearly although they are quite simple sketches. Due to them being black and white I think that it creates more character into the images and allows your own mind to pain the pictures. You can imagine  whatever colours you want them to be and it allows you to paint the picture that you imagine.

46829a_lgimages (1)alice_in_wonderland_poster_by_alecx8

These are examples of past posters. I like the first one has it has bright colours, it is easy to notice and the title is nice and clear. I like the second poster as it is dark and creepy, the font compliments the poster well and the dark and light colours work really well together. I don’t like the Tim Burton poster though. In my opinion the colours are much too contrasted so it is difficult to look at. There is also much too much going on in the poster and the title isn’t that noticeable and the poster is much too busy.

Test products

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.37.51Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.37.35Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.37.04

These are some examples of posters that I could make. However, when I do come to making the posters I want to be a lot more creative and experiment a lot more. The posters are also going to be in black and white so it adds more of a creepy aspect to the posters which is what I want to achieve. I want to tell the characters story in a simple way through these posters while focusing on a dark and creepy side of the story.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.58.30Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.58.17Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.57.53Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.58.07

Although these aren’t practice shots of the posters i went and found some possible locations for the posters in Helston. Seeing how good the photos look in black and white I definitely want to photography my posters in black and white as it does add a lot more horror into the story of the posters and it adds a lot more character as well.

My new idea

After much thought I have decided to change my idea for the FMP. My new idea is still going to have Alice In Wonderland in it but I have decided to make an album cover for the album “black flag” and a single cover for the song “Alice in wonderland.”

It is still representing Wonderland as the single title is called “Alice In Wonderland” and Listening to Machine Gun Kelly takes me into a wonderland as he really inspires me and I love his music.

I think that changing my idea is allowing me to explore my creativity more and it seems more possible within the time period than my past work has as I knew that I would have never been able to finish within the time period.


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