Blog Post 3 (Research and Planning)


Designers that I have researched are: Peter Blake, Jamie Reid, David Carson and Tyler Nikkel. Ech designer is give me examples of what I want my work to either look like or not to look like.

Peter Black

album cover 1album cover 3

These are 2 examples of Peter Blacks work. Although they aren’t the style I want to use for my album cover I do like them. I like how the font reflects to the theme and style in the first cover by making it all hippy. I feel like these album covers are targeted to be viewed by teens to young adults.

Jamie Reid


These are 2 examples of Jamie Reid’s work. I like the font on both of these album covers but i especially like how on the second album cover there are the words replacing where the guys eyes are meant to be. I also like the style of how the second album cover is placed. This is a possibility of what I want my album cover to be like.

David Carson


Although I think that David Carson’s work does look good I don’t think that it is the kind of path of graphic design I would go down and it really isn’t the kind of work I am looking for with my album covers. In my opinion I think that there is too much going on to be able look at without discomfort. The words are un readable and I really struggle to see what is going on. When doing my album cover I want it to be simple but effective and easy for the audience to look at.

Tyler Nikkel

General admissiongeneral-admission--standard--physical-ex-7c8e1b17afb156b4CpnwB4XVYAA5dC4

I like Tyler Nikkels work and this is the kind of work that I am looking for as inspiration for my work. I like how he is using bright colours in the top album cover as it is eye catching for the reader and the cover below it is the same but with different colours (the pink cover is the deluxe version of the album) and I find that one less eye catching but I still love the design of it. The artwork reflects to every song on the album in a very clever and secretive way so you would have to listen to the album to understand that. I also like how there is no, or minimal words used so the art work is the centre of attention. I also like the third album cover and how it is simple and effective with some funky colours and a logo. Once again it is easy on the eyes and it draws me in more than “over complicated” album covers like with Peter Black’s work.

Target Audience

My target audience is teenagers to young adults (15-20’s). I feel as if my target audience is this age range as teenagers are typically more involved with the kind of lyrics Machine Gun Kelly sings, (also, some friends of mine like him and the older members of my family aren’t into his style of music) that are mostly about drugs, sex and his struggles as a young person before he got famous.

Different ages will listen to all sorts of different music and nower days there is so much choice of what to listen to it is difficult to pin point what kind of ages listen to what but here are some typical examples of what different age groups will listen to although it can vary as I know plenty of teenagers who love Iron Maiden and I know adults who do like Justin Bieber.

Two  examples of what young children listen to is soundtracks from Disney programs like the Hanna Montana soundtrack or victorious soundtrack. (Albums I listen to as a young child)hannah (2)hannah-montana-serie-tv-saison-1-12-1-gGroup Shot VICTORIOUS Season 2

These kind of album cover is typical for being used for children. As children are young and care very little about many things they don’t tend to care about art work, so having the characters of the TV show or leaving the cover very simple will attract them enough to want to buy the album as they only care what is on the disk . If the album covers were heavy with graphic design it would be much less appealing to the children who are wanting the product. Light colors are also used as it is more eye catching to children and the kind of target audience that is wanted.

Another two examples of what teenagers listen to is Justin Bieber or One Direction (albums that I listened to while 12- present day)take-me-home-50ae97d18a915one-direction-made-in-the-am-album-cover-artwork-largejustin-bieber-purpose-cover-2015-billboard-650justin-bieber-believe-deluxe

These album covers have similarities to the children’s album covers, for example they have the singer/ band on the front cover. However, they are also linking into the older generation of albums as graphic design is coming into the work(especially with Justin Bieber’s purpose album)  along with some darker colors. Once again they aren’t too over complicated but they are still enjoyed by the target audience.

Another two examples of what older people listen to is Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden  (suggested by my dad)

led AZepplinled_zeppelin_early_days_the_best_of_led_zeppelin_astronaut_apollo_14Led_Zeppelin-Led_Zeppelin-Frontal



In my opinion these are my favorite of all of the album covers. I like all of the graphic design, fonts and the colors used. If I were going to buy any of these albums form the cover design I would probably pick this generation, however this isn’t the kind of music that I tend to listen to. The art work is loved by the older generation and it reflects well with the kind of music that is on the album. In my dads words he likes these album covers because “they remind me of my youth, and when I used to save up pocket money to by these records.” Where as if I were to ask a child they probably would not be interested and tell me that they prefer the Hannah Montana album cover.

I think that Machine Gun Kelly’s album covers fall into both the teenage and adult target audience range for the album cover design. 6ar5izg9dr70yci5pd2f1frr3.475x475x1half-naked--almost-famous-4fd0052003f00mgk-general-admissionbloom

General Admission and Bloom (the third and forth album covers) are two of my most liked album covers that I have ever seen. I like that they have minimal or no writing on them and that the focus is the art work (this is the kind of work that I want to do for my album cover) and the fact that the art work links into the songs/ title of the album. These two especially fall into the older generation of album cover as there is big focus on graphic design and the art work is juts as important as the music, unlike with the children’s music art work. Older people tend to look at the album cover art work as much as they look at the song choices on the album. If the art work isn’t attractive and eye-catching it is less likely to be brought by the public. The second design falls more into the more teenage target audience range as the front cover has Machine Gun Kelly as center.

Pre Existing Machine Gun Kelly Albums

Pre existing album covers:

bad thingsbloomlace_upGeneral admission

These are some of the past album and single covers of Machine Gun Kelly’s past work. I like how the album covers are mostly graphic design. Only bloom has used a model (Machine Gun Kelly’s hand.)

Unless MGK is singing with another person his albums don’t have his name of them, only the name of the album, if that. ( the general admission album has no visible words on it apart from parental advisory explicit content)

On the covers there is something that links it onto the song/ album. For example with the lace up album the words “lace up” are spelt using a lace effect and with the bloom album there are flowers blooming out of Machine Gun Kelly’s hand.

The song that I am going to be making a album cover for is “Alice in wonderland” the song is basically saying that he is in a unknown place where he is seeing shadows in the dark and it is different from what he used to know. However, of course knowing who Machine Gun Kelly is I don’t have to look too much into the lyrics to know that this is a drug trip. If you do look closely into the song you can see the line “So I take a hit of this Alice now I’m hopin for somethin.” If someone says they “take a hit” it 99% means that they are taking some sort of drug.

Initial ideas

I had initial ideas of doing posters for a horror version of Alice in Wonderland that I did most of my planning for, but then I changed my idea to doing either a CD cover or Record sleeve for Machine Gun Kelly’s album black flag and a signal Alice in wonderland. I decided to change my idea of doing the posters after I was struggling to take photos for my idea of the posters. I could also find no excising products that could give me inspiration or that I could use as excising products.

I moved off the record sleeve idea as I own more CD’s that I could look at and get inspiration off and as I have grown up around having CD’s. I have only ever seen a record sleeve once, and that was in Tesco’s so I think that doing a CD case will give me more knowledge of the product i want to make and as I have many of them at home it will be a lot easier for me to see what they look like inside and at the back.

My Final Product Plan

My final product is going to be a CD case for the album “Black Flag” and a cover for the single “Alice In Wonderland” both by Machine Gun Kelly. The song Alice In Wonderland is a song on the album Black Flag. I have decided to chose this song and album as Machine Gun Kelly is a big inspiration of mine and it is like a personal wonderland when I listen to him.

I am going to be creating the whole CD cover, so the outer sleeve, inner sleeve and the back cover. The outer sleeve is going to contain the album name/ song name. I want to keep the typography to a minimum as Machine Gun Kelly’s albums don’t tend to contain that much typography and I am wanting to follow is current style of album art. The inside is going to be simple, so just the art work. Just like with any CD cover that I have looked at. They tend to just have patterned images or images of the singer on the inside. the back has the track list and any management and where it was produced in small print.

The size of the album cover is 4.724 inches each side and I will pint out my final product and put it in a plastic CD case.

Test Products

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.27.55.png

This is one example of a test product that I have made. Although I do like it, it doesn’t follow the past kind of album covers that have been released by Machine Gun Kelly and after thinking more about ideas of what I could do I am following the rout of Basing it around graffiti kind of style, much like with Machine Gun Kelly’s album cover for Black Flag, previously created.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.25.53

This is my second attempt at a test product of the single “Alice In Wonderland” I still need to do a test product for the whole album called “black flag”. I like it because it is simple and it follows the same kind of style as past Machine Gun Kelly’s album covers. For example; the font is small and in lowercase like previous covers, Machine Gun Kelly’s name isn’t on front of the cover and the main focus of the cover is the image. I like the font however I think that it would better as black as it would make it more noticeable.

I am going down the bright colors and graffiti style rout as I think that it looks good and follows the path I want to go down for the looks of this album cover. It follows the kind of previous path and looking back at the other graphic designers that I looked at I think that the kind of style path that I am going to be going down also follows the kind of steps that I liked of theirs.

Test shots

These are some of the test sots that I have taken for this project. I wanted to have a Alice model for the Alice in wonderland project, so as I am blonde and owned a blue dress I decided to be the model and my fellow media student Josh took the photos of me. The first 5 photos that have been taken wee lose to the kind of photo I wanted but I wasn’t happy with them. I wanted a photo of me not looking at the camera and doing some kind of action (like looking at the flowers) so I could have a off look shot. I think that the sixth photo down is perfect for what I wanted. I wasn’t looking at camera, you can’t see my face and I have relivence to Alice in wonderland. When I photoshopped this on photoshop and got the sizing for the cover right and played around with the saturation levels the finished product really did look good. It followed the same kind of style used by Machine Gun Kelly and his album art in the past, the background was out of focus so the main focus was the model in the center of the image, and Machine Gun Kelly’s albums main focus is the artwork over the wording on the album.

IMG_1644IMG_1646IMG_1647IMG_1653IMG_1654IMG_1655This photo is the photo that I thought best suited what I was looking for, for my singles cover of “Alice in wonderland” because, the model is wearing iconic Alice In Wonderland clothing (blue dress, long blonde hair, black bow) she is wearing this to indicate that the cover has involvement of Alice In Wonderland in it, much like with song that contains lyrics about himself being lost in a wonderland with the Queen Of Hearts and the Ace Of Spades. He also raps about “taking a hit” with Alice. Drugs is also a big part of the song. This is why for the singles cover I want to add in a lot of saturation within the cover, bright colors are associated within drug taking and I want the front cover to look like it could been seen within a drug trip.

IMG_1456IMG_1457IMG_1464This is the bike that I’m going to use for my front over of the CD case. When I look at this I think of power. It’s a solo person, on a big bike driving down an empty road. This is the kind of messsge that I want when designing my album cover. I want a message of power and independace just like how Machine Gun Kelly portrays in his music and I think that this, when photoshopped and created into the album cover this look will be made.

IMG_1465IMG_1466IMG_1469IMG_1472This phot I was palling on using for my Alice in wonderland singles over as the song is related to frugs, however after taking the photos of “Alice” in Morab gardens in Penzance I decided to go with that idea as it was a lot more suited and it looked a lot better on screen and on paper. IMG_1459

This is part of the graffiti wall that I used for the inside sleeve of the album cover. I like this wall because it is kind of run down but it’s also mysterious and leaves Penzance with some kind of art work, and playing around with the adjustments in Photoshop creates a even better look. This wall is perfect for what I needed for my album cover. The past Black Flag album over also contained graffiti so, I am planning on re creating the same kind of look but obviously have my own twist on it by using a different color scheme and a different kind of graffiti on the front cover.


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.01.10

to suit

These are different types of fonts that I have been considering to use for my CD over. All of the fonts above are in some way similar. They are all pretty simple, which is the kind of style that I am looking for as it follows the typography of Machine Gun Kelly’s past albums. The font that I am most likely that I am going to use is the second font down. I like this one because, although it is simple it suits the grafitti style that I have been planning on creating for my CD cover. The other font that I like is the 4th one down. However, I think that that font is associated more with horror because when I look at it I imagine a gothic theme and that isn’t the theme that I after. The 5th font down is too big and bold for the kind of typography that I am looking for to suit my album cover and follow past techniques used by Machine Gun Kelly.





























































































































































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