Blog Post Three (Production)


Week One-

During week one of the FMP our task was to decide what kind of product we want to produce that links to the subject of wonderland. This week has been filled with a lot of planning. After much planning of what products I could make I have decided to magayke promotional posters for a Horror version of Alice In Wonderland. I have made spider diagrams that link what I want to make with the wonderland aspect and there is also a spider diagram of how much work is going to progress over the next couple of weeks.

During this week I have also had to plan a project proposal that I was going to present and get feedback for. This project proposal was made into my blog post named “pitch.” All of the planning from my sketch book was photographed into this blog post along with my own opinions of what wonderland means to me.

Week Two-

During week two of the FMP I have developed the planning of my posters further by analyzing different characters that would be featuring in my posters. These characters are: Alice, The Queen Of Hearts, The Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat and The Flowers all from the film Alice In Wonderland.

I also did my pitch that I got secondary research for. I have also been creating a questionnaire to find out what kind of style to make my posters and what would be interesting and correct for the genre that I am heading in for my posters. This involves what kind of font and what kind of color scheme I should look for.

Week Three-

This week I developed my ideas a lot more and took my research into account. I am definitely  going to be basing my posters on horror and drugs as it is more of a interesting topic for teenagers, in my experience. I have begun to draw up possible poster ideas and stuck them into my sketch book, along with analyzing past posters for past Alice in wonderland films, and analyzing Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland film.

Week Four-

During this week I had an assessment panel. This existed of two teachers listening to me present my work and them telling what they like and don’t like about it and giving me advise on how I can improve it.

From this I have been able to develop my idea more clearly and have better understanding of that I want to do. I now know that I want my Alice in wonderland posters to be based around a party and a bad drug trip causing Alice to see characters from the original Alice In Wonderland like the Queen Of Hearts, The Mad Hatter and The Cheshire.

I need to plan a photo shoot at a party to be able to create a party like atmosphere for my photos. I want the photos to be as natural as possible.

Week Five-

This week I started to take photos for my project. The party photo shoot didn’t work out. However, I  have improvised and have taken some photos of alcohol, “drugs” and myself as the mad hatter. I still have a lot of photos that I need to take. So, for the remainder of this week I have been planning other shoots and drawing up test products to help me with ideas for my shoot.

This has been helpful as it has given me the ideas of getting an Alice model and getting photos of a run down “partied out” Alice smoking and drinking and trying to make her look as “out of it” as possible. I have been through pinterest to gather photos that have given me inspiration for my photo shoot:

These are the kind of photos that I am wanting too create for my posters. The way that the models are placed and the backgrounds are both the kind of settings and actions that I have been looking for inspiration for. The blurred face in the third photo is something that I didn’t think of before but I am definitely thinking of. It gives off a mistery kind of effect, and a added drug effect from the viewers point of view, making Alice’s visions more life like for the audience.

Week Six-

This week I began making a test product for my posters, on Tuesday I went out around Penzance and look photos of a graffiti wall, creating the kind of background that I am look for within my posters.

The poster that I began to make is myself as the mad hatter holding out my hands as if Alice can pick the drug that she wishes to take. I am also blurring out the face so the effect can be even more mysterious to the viewer.

Week Seven-

This week I have decided to make, in my opinion a very good choice. I have decided to change what product I am making for my FMP. My plans for my previous product being the posters I was struggling with. This is due to me losing interest and finding it difficult to be able to have photo shoots. I was finding the photo shoots difficult because I wanted my posters to be about the effects of drugs and alcohol and due to me being only 16 and drugs being illegal I have been unable to produce photography  for this. And, knowing that I was running very short on time to complete my work I made the decision to start over.

Although I am starting over, my idea isn’t too much different. My new idea is to create an album cover for the album “Black Flag” by Machine Gun Kelly, and following the album cover I am also going to be producing a singles cover for one of the songs featured on the album called “Alice In Wonderland.”

So, this week I have been gathering new research for my new product along with analyzing past products from Machine Gun Kelly and other album cover producers along with a graphic designer. I have also been starting to analyze the type of target audience that I am going to be aiming my product towards. I believe that my target audience is teenagers to young adults. I have been analyzing different album covers for different ages and discussing how the over all look is different depending on the age of the target audience.

I have also made my first test product.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.27.55

I like the idea that I had for it, however I believe that I could produce much better work and the Photoshop wasn’t up to the standard that I know that I can produce. Also, after looking at Machine Gun Kelly’s past albums I reilised that it doesn’t really follow the past style of his albums which is the path that I am wanting to take.

Week Eight-

This week I went out and took a photo shoot and made a second test product. This second test product that I created went much better than the first.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.13.30Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.25.53

There are a lot of aspects from it that I am going to carry on into my final product. This being the image, the kind of colors and the font that I have used. I have also been carrying on with further planning and research for my CD cover work

Week Nine-

It is the final week until the deadline of this years FMP. This week has been the busty of all of the past weeks. Due to me changing my product of the FMP I have been very busy making my product and finishing off any past research and blog posts.

I have finished my Product in a stranded that I am very happy with and I think that i have definitely added in some some techniques that have been on past Machine Gun Kelly albums. I am going to print out my final product and present it in a CD cover, I am also going to print it out on a better quality printer as the photos that I printed out of it to put in my sketch book has been washed out.

I have also finished all of my blog posters about research and my evaluation.

Over all I am happy with my work but I wish that I had a set product that i wanted to make at the beginning without having to change it towards the end of the deadline, but overall I am happy with the product that I have made with the time period that I had for it.

Skills that I have learnt and developed through the project

I have improved my photo-shop skills a lot since I first started college, mostly within this project. My FMP was based all around photoshop and photography to be able to develop the CD cover.

To create the cover of the CD I took a photo of a wall in Penzance that had the kind of texture that I was hoping for when it came to the idea of what i wanted the cover to look like in my head. With that I also took a lot of photos of the graffiti in Penzance. Then on Photoshop I used the quick selection tool to cut out the graffiti of a man on a bike and cut it onto the textured wall. Then I experimented with the saturation and brightness/ contrast adjustments until I came up with a color scheme that I was happy with. Although that was the only image that I photo shopped by using the quick selection tool I did also use the adjustments for the other images of the CD over.

The font, although is basic and plain is just what I was looking for. Machine Gun Kelly’s past albums have had basic font or no font at all and as I was following his kind of style when it came to creating my own I decided to follow his style of font used on his past albums.

Although I did like the test product that I did for the Alice in wonderland cover, it didn’t have anything to do with the subject so I did find it unsutiable to use for the final product. I do really like the colour scheme and how it all goes comfortably with the image that has been used. If i can I would definetly use that image in the future if i was doing another project that could relate to it.



Front Cover

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.16.27 Back CoverScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.16.39Inside sleeve 1Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.16.50Inside Sleeve 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.17.00Single CoverScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.17.11

Peer Evaluation of my final products

Peer Evaluation of Alice in Wonderland/CD Cover for MGK Work

Test Product 1

What Was good?

-The colours were nice, in the sense that they blended well with the background i.e. The rock-face in the midst of what looks like a forrest – the colours being dull grey and purple gave of a mysterious/odd feel

What was bad?

– the rock-face although an interesting choice for a cd cover is obscure and doesn’t really catch the eye

– If the work is still focused on an Alice and Wonderland atmosphere it isn’t completely connected/reminiscent of that kind of an atmosphere; the use of more foliage would better fit this

– The cd case is supposed to represent a ‘rappers’ genre, it seems also out of place there

Test Product 2

What was good?

– For a cd cover that is supposed represent a rap genre, the setting of apartment buildings/ buildings in general suits the type of genre with a more suburban choice of location

– the colours are more equally varied than the last, with a larger palette of greens and purples, which work quite well with the buildings in the back

What was bad?

-if the tone is still set for Alice in Wonderland the choice of colours fits, but the aesthetic of buildings doesn’t

– the colours blend well, but are quite jarring due to them being dull and there being little to no vibrance from usually vibrant colours: Green and purple

– The font of the writing doesn’t suit the piece, seems out of place on a CD cover

Final Product 1

What was good?

-the colours are brighter, yet have the same clashing tone, this is more eye catching and visually nicer than both test products

-the colours work well with the new photo, which is suitable for both subjects of Alice and Wonderland or a cover for a rap CD. Shows a lot more and has more of a focus than the test products.

-the font change works well with the picture, and is neatly placed near the corner not obstructing the photo

What was bad?

-it depends on who the artist of the CD is, other than that the cover seems quite original and nice and is an improvement on the test products

Final Product 2

What was good?

-colours work well together light greens and dark blues, is appealing/eye catching

-suits a back cover, and would work well with writing

What was bad?

-unclear on what the subject matter of the pictures is/ what is in them

-relation to topic other than colour seems linear

-doesn’t resemble a CD cover more of a back cover


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