Unit 11

SWOT analysis

In the future I am hoping to join the Journalism carer. My ambition is to do travel journalism within either print based or online products.


One of my strengths is that I am very into writing and blogging. In the past I have had both Journals and blogs. This has allowed me to practice with both print based and online ways of writing.


One weakness of mine is getting distracted easily, especially when writting.

Another weakness is that I procastinate. Although I do always get my work done. The majority of it is usually within the last 24 hours of the deadline. I do still achieve the grades that I want but, I do, and I am trying to not procastinate as much as I do because I waste so much time putting off work when I could send that time doing it.


Due to being a media student, work experience could become easily for me. Most universities like you to have previous work experince,



One threat is the fact that print based media is increasingly declining. Due to the new times and social media and the internt being in its peak, it means that print based media is becoming used less and less. Most new papers and magazines are accsessiable online and the public are finding it much more easier to again acsess to these products from their smart phones other than going to the store and purchsing them in person. However, this is opening a new opportunity 



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