Post Production and skills log

Week 1 (26th February- 4th March)

My FMP for the second year of my Lens Based Media Course is titled flight. My product can be about anything I want it to be, as long as it somehow relates to this word. As well as this project being about anything of my choice, I also have the power to chose what kind of product I want it to be, Weather it be print based, graphic design, visual, as long as I can make something that I will be proud of and something that can show off my skills, the world is my oyster with this project.

After being delivered my brief by my college tutor, my job was to annotate it., highlighting any key points and dates to ensure to the markers that I am sure of what I am being asked to do. All work that I do must, somehow relate to the brief and chosen topic.

Here are the 4 main ideas that I had:


My weaknesses, in past projects have been filming and editing. I don’t enjoy it as much as print based and written work and it isn’t something that I have an interest in carrying on with in the future, so I don’t feel that I could achieve my full potential of work doing a short film or music video. Although both have great creativity aspects.

My strengths in past projects have been photography and graphic design, as well as written aspects. I am hopeful in the future to study music journalism and carry that on into a carer so I feel that it would be beneficial for me to create something where I can work on and show my written skills and prove to myself how well I can work.

After working out my strengths and weaknesses I have decided to work on creating a magazine. This magazine is going to be on a rap and hip-hop genre as this is my favourite type of music and I feel as if there is a lot of creativity I can show within this genre, taking inspiration form artists that I currently listen to.

My magazine is relating to the brief because my main article is going to be the rise, or “flight” of female rap and hip-hop artists and how times have changed for them. As well as that, the magazine is going to be called Flight, or “F” for short.

Featuring a magazine cover that I am going to make myself, a concert review of a show that I have previously gone to my magazine will also focus around fashion and it will have a strong female lead.


After researching the audience I found how that 2/3rd of hip-hop audiences are between the ages of 18-34 and it appeals greater to women rather than men.

Within the first week of this project I feel that I have a strong idea that I am going to keep with after narrowing it down for 4 ideas. Its on a subject that I am confident with and I feel like I am really going to have a chance to show UAL what I can do, and hopefully show future employers and universities the work that I am capable of doing .


Week 2 (5th March- 11th March

following the checklist that I have printed I have completed my first mood board, (which has been printed and put into my research folder) my first mind maps of my ideas (which I did in week one) and my SWOT analysis that I have just completed. The SWOT analysis is about my 2 years on this course, explaining my strengths and weaknesses and what I have enjoyed/ not enjoyed so much and what I have struggled with throughout my time doing this subject. This gives me evidence to support what I mentioned about my strengths and weaknesses from my week 1 of my production blog.

As well as doing research into my chosen topic and looking at previous magazines and carefully annotating the code and conventions from the internet, I have also gone out and brought magazines that I can cut up and annotate in my research folder. After looking in the shop I realised there was a shortage of rap and hip-hop magazines so I had to settle with 2 rock magazines, one Kerrang and the other being Vive Le Rock, (which will help me with my test product later on)

Although these magazines aren’t related to the genre of the magazine that I intend on doing they still give me an idea of the feel of a magazine, what they include, what of layout they have, how the colour schemes and font work together and how images and text work together to make it pleasurable for the audience. A detailed version of what I want to include in my magazine after having more of a thought of what I want it to include:

  • An album review/ feature ( in magazines that I looked at, there was at least 1-3 articles mentioning an album. They are very important to a music magazine, as it’s how the audience listen to the music.)
  • Rise of female artists. (I want my magazine to feature a strong female lead. Like the rise of female artists in the hip-hop and rap industry because I feel as if times are changing for females within this genre.) The rise or “flight” of these female artists also makes my product relate to the brief.
  • concert review (Although there isn’t usually a concert review in these magazines there is a lot of advertisement for upcoming concerts and festivals. Reviewing concerts also ties into what I may be doing in university and when I’m working in the future so it will give me some experience preparation for that)
  • How hip-hop and rap originated (again not usually what is added into a magazine but I think that it would be interesting for the audience to find how it originated and come about, discussing the first hip-hop and rap artists)
  • Fashion is a big part to the magazines that I have been looking at, especially In the Kerrang magazine that I have been looking at, its a good way for these product makers to again buyers for the type of items that they’re selling for, because likewise with them buying the magazine they are interested in, its highly likely that they are going to wear and have items to express what they like and the kind of community they are in, like when buying these magazines, studies have shown that 12.6% of people who listen to hip-hop and rap music buy clothing on a weekly basis)

This week I feel as if I have made good progress with my research, as well as pin pointing exactly what it is that I am looking to include in my magazine so that I know what I am doing and what I should be working towards. Throughout my time of doing this magazine I need to make sure that I am working closely to the brief.

Week 3 (12th march- 18th march)

My focus of this week hasn’t been too much on my final product, but instead my test product.

For my test product I am going to be creating a magazine cover and article spread across a double page, overall creating 3 pages.  The article is going to be written myself, on a Stiff Little Fingers concert that I went to on Saturday the 10th of March. All images I have taken myself (I have done my best photo shopping images to make them the best quality possible but unfortunately the  lighting on concerts is very unreliable, as well as changing colour a lot. Not to mention the fact that the arena was pretty small and packed so it was difficult to get a good position to get a good image quality, but I didn’t the best that I could have possibly done taking into consideration that this is going to be the only chance I have to capture images of this concert) 

To write my article I am going to have to look at previously written articles for magazines, as well as research how to write a article for a concert as it is something that I have very little experience on.

I have also been caring out research on previous rock magazines to follow the genre of Stiff Little Fingers, creating mood boards and analysing front covers and looking at different colour schemes and what kind of fonts are usually used.

Taking a break from my test product, I have begun doing further research into my chosen topic of Rap and Hip-Hop for my magazine. The research that I have done this week is into the struggles that females have, and still are facing within this genre.  I have been looking at why it is difficult for women in this genre and the struggles that they are having to cope with, within the music industry and how their experience is different to men’s.

These are two websites that I have closely been looking at:

Notes that I have taken throughout the week giving me a reminder of what I need to research and look into as well as quite notes on what is included in the genre that I am doing.


This week again I feel as if I have been working very hard to achieve a final idea of not only I want to do for my final project, but also for my test product. Actually going out to gain my own research is showing independence and hard working skills that will pay off later in life like when applying for university. I feel as if I am starting to make good progress in fully understanding my project and my research folder is being filled with more mood boards, spider diagrams and research that I have looked into. 

Week 4 ( 19th march- 25th march, Pitch Week)

This week I have gathered up all of my initial ideas and thoughts so far to create a presentation that I will present in front of my lecturer and class to find out their opinions of my topic and see if there are any ideas or negative comments that I can use to ensure that my chosen product and topic is attractive to others. These comments will help me to mould my  product into something that I know is liked by others and suits the audience that I am looking for by handing out questionnaires that I have created as well as getting a feedback sheet created and given to me by my lecturer.

Presentation (Jody Williams (Student)

pitch feedback

Presentations for me are a weakness as I am not a confident speaker in front of a group of people. I know that I could have made my presentation a lot better, adding in a lot more information that is shown in my research folder and sketch book, as well as adding in ideas for my test product. 

thing 2


Test product (so far)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As well as delivering my presentation I have been working on creating my test product. I have finished the front cover and now I am working on writing the review for the article that I am creating. My test product magazine is of a rock genre, where as my FMP product is going to be a modern Rap and Hip-hop magazine. While creating my test product I have experienced with different fonts, colouring and placing to create my final front cover. I now need to create the double spread and then my test product is going to be complete.

I have also been researching photographers that are inspiring my work for my final magazine. One that I have fond is Max sheridan.

Max takes reportage photography which I am highly going to attempt to use in my magazine. The kind of photography that he does inspires the photography look that my magazine is going to include (retro, vintage, street, grunge). He lets the subject of the photo use their own style and lifestyle to represent their images and make them unique and”their own. ”

The subjects Black Bear and Mod Sun are two people, along with Machine Gun Kelly  who have inspired me to make my magazine the way that is it going to be and the kind of style that it is going to take with their retro and vintage look.


Websites that I’ve looked at for research

This week I feel as if I have made a good effort at looking at inspiring photographer that I like and what kind of photography styles that I would like to trail for my magazine. In my sketch book I have made even more mood boards that include different styles, colourings and looks that are inspiring me as well as detailed writing about the shots, why I like them and what makes them appealing. 

Although I have made good progress in researching who has been inspiring me and learning and exploring different I feel as if I need to be researching even further into the female role in Rap and Hip-Hop so that I can begin to think about what I want to use in my article, as well as getting reliable information for when I begin writing it.  

Week 5 (26th march- 1st April)

After deciding last week that I need to to research further into my main article of  my magazine (females in the Rap and Hip-Hop industry) I have been finding more websites to use and creating pages full of important information and websites that I have found useful.

I have made more progress of my test product, to the point where it is now complete. The article I have written myself, about the Stiff Little Fingers concert that I recently attended. I have screenshots of different stages of what my magazine looked like. Showing my stages of different fonts, colours and how they all work together to complete the final product.

Week 6 (16th April- 22 April)

I am now half way through my project, and I have been making very good progress. I finished my test product before I left for the easter holidays and have been heavily focusing on my final product since I have got back. I have been making more effort with researching into modern day hip-hop. using the internet rather than books as it can give me the most recent articles relating to my search topics. I have also been looking at more research of females in this genre as it is going to be the main article of my magazine.

Other than research I have also been doing a lot of sketchbook work. I have been finishing off evaluation from the test product, and begun analysing all of my sketch book work so far using post-it notes. I have been gathering images for my article on the Machine Gun Kelly concert review and I have been looking at colours and patters that I am interested in using for my magazine.



These colours are going to be the kind of the colours that I am going to be using in my magazine. Although it wont follow conventions of other hip-hop magazines being published, it is the kind of style of hip-hop artists that I listen to and enjoy and just like what the brief states “you must demonstrate autonomy, personal style and an ambitious use of available resources to communicate ideas effectively to an intended audience.” . My target audience will broaden with my magazine because it’s going to have a nice and uplifting feel to it, and its not just going to be about music, it is also going to be about art and photography.

Week 7 (April 23rd- April 29th)

This week started off with my assessment panel. Although they gave me some helpful tips I think that it could have gone a lot better. Firstly, they were more concerned about my target audience, which I have done a lot of research for and put in my folder, sketch book and on my blog. Secondly they said that I had a lot of research but I needed to start making content, Which I had been starting last week. I didn’t want to start making my product without insuring that I am fully aware of what I am wanting to do and without having more information of the kind of layout that my magazine is going to include by looking at past products.

I have started writing two of my three articles for my magazine. One for my hip-hop through time segment of my magazine, and one for my Machine Gun Kelly review. After writing them I have asked my teachers and peers to read the articles and write comments on how I can improve.

hip-hop through time

MGK review

I have started making my actual product. I have begun with my Machine Gun kelly spread.

This is the first look of this spread. I like how the mustard colour and pink compliment each other, with the white of the font. I also think that the font for the title works well with the 27 being bigger than the other words in the title, as the review is about his 27 tour. Since making this layout I have improved the article that I have written so that layout ill end up changing slightly but I am happy with the product that I have produced so far.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.52.25

Week 8 (30th April- 6th May)

This week I have been making any changes from my assessment panel and taking their advice about starting to create more of my product. I have been developing my research, making sure that it is more detailed an to do with what I end up creating. I have been looking at further magazines, like Paper to give me more ideas of what my front cover and articles could look like.

Week 9 (7th May- 13th May)

This week

Week 10 (14th May-20th May)

Week 11 (21st may-24th May)

Deadline Week

This week I have been using my time to finish off final touches on my product, I have been working closely on InDesign, ensuing that all of my work lines up and looks professional. I have also been making sure that all of my work is printed and in my sketch book, with post-it notes explains why all of my work is relevant.

final product


Skills log




SWOT Analysis

Strengths and weaknesses

Some of my strengths include being organised with time. I ensure that the majority of my work is in on time. If something isn’t it means that I have struggled with it and need help for it to be finished. I am going out of my way to get experience in the field of  work that I want to go in (which will not just help me with college but it will help me get into uni and ensure that this is the kind of course I am going to be wanting to apply to. Throughout my time in college I have also been learning what I am good at and what I need to work on. I know that I am a lot stronger at Photoshop and photography rather than film and editing.  I am also a hard working person who, when sets out to do something ensures that I do it.

Some of my weaknesses is I need to avoid using slang in writing and not going off topic when writing. I need to learn how to write more professionally, especially because I want a carer in journalism. I also need to ensure that my attendance goes up and I am attending any class that I can, along with doing more work outside of college.  Editing and filming I know are two major weaknesses for me, but I know that I don’t want to be working in that kind of industry so I haven’t focused on it too much and I do have experiences in both fields. I also need to make sure that I am doing more research for my projects.

opportunities and threats 

When it comes to opportunities I am hard driven and ensure that I work as hard as I possibly can to make sure I use the opportunities to my best advantage ( on Saturday 10th of March I am going to be meeting a band before the show to watch a soundcheck and if i can, asking them some questions. I am also going to review the show and start up my blog of reviewing shows and hopefully meeting more artists so it is evidence when applying to university) I am also going to be going to as many local events to make sure that I know what I am wanting to do when I’m older and ensuring that I am going to be going in the right carer path for me. All of this work is also going to help me with this year at college.

When it comes to threats, because I am going to be doing photography based work for my FMP I am going to be heavily relying on other people to be able to photograph them. If they aren’t ready to help it is going to majorly effect the way my end project looks. other threat is that this project is going to heavily effect my future, so if I don’t get the grade I am expecting it is going to effect my chances at getting into university, therefore not allowing me to get the job that I want when I’m older. Which is a lot of pressure on me, but it is also making me work much harder because I know what I have set out to do and I am going to ensure that I do it.



Overall thought of the video

Over all I think that My group and I’s music video fits the brief. However, I think there should have been more of a storyline and more dialog. The editing fits an alternative video but I think that the effects could be toned down a bit, the song is steady and calm and the effects make it seem a lot more upbeat and exciting than the song itself is.

I liked the idea that we did have for the video, but I think as we became closer and closer to the end date I think that the idea of our story went further and further away, as watching the video I was very confused about the video and what the video was trying to tell the audience and it was difficult for me to watch because I couldn’t follow the story correctly.

I think that The acting was good, and the location fits what the audience were expecting. I love the idea of the video going upside down, however, the video became difficult to watch the longer that it was happening and I don’t think it really fit the overall feel if the video as the song is a slow pace song and the editing made it feel that it was a lot more upbeat than what it was.

My overall work within the group

Working in groups definetly isn’t easy, especially when there are multiple people who have multipul ideas and members of the group take too much charge. After a few weeks of trying my best to do my job role and get involved I was constantly downgraded by especially one member of the group.

My job role was art and propers person but the other members of the group had already decided all of that for themsleves so there wasnt a lot for me to do.

I was one of the people who decided the main subject/ storyline to the video but that was also crushed by the editing and the video not making sense by the time that the deadline came.

I think that my group needed to listen to each other more and work more as a group instead of one specific person taking charge, because there were people in the group, including me, who had comments overall as well as comments that could have made a positive change to the video who weren’t listend to, and the changes weren’t made to the video.


Production Log

Week 1-

This week I have been told what my project is and what group I am in for this project. My media class has been split into two, and our task is to make a long form music video on a genre that is chosen by the first year media students.

My group and I have been designing questioners for the first year group to find out what kind of music they’re into and what kind of aspects they would like to see in the music video that we make.

I have also been researching music videos and talking about the importance of using props in these videos. I have been doing this because it will give me more ideas and inspiration for when it comes to my group making the music video for our project.

Week 2-

This week I have been researching my job role within the group. I am the props and art and design person which means that when filing I need to be the person that ensures that everything is in place and fits into the kind of video that my group are going to be making.

My group got the results back from the questionnaire handed out. From the results We discoverer that the first year group prefer rock and hip-hop. We are creating a follow up questioner to dig deeper into what kind of band/ singer they want featured, weather the first years want just rock, just hip-hop  or a combination of both.

I have also begun research for the essay that i’m going to have to write that is going to be comparing the verity of music videos within a genre that I chose to write about.

I have also begun research for making a test product. My test product must be about 1 minute long and I must film all footage myself.

Week 3-

This week I have furthered my research into music videos, by analysing more videos in the genre of mostly alternative. I have also been looking at directors who have been making music videos for alternative music. The director that I have closely looked at is David Wilson, who has made music videos for bands like the Arctic Monkeys.

My group and I have also begun filing for our music video trailer. We begun filming in the studio at college, but later on in the day carried on filming at a member of the groups house as we decided that it would be a good location to film in their barn.

I have started to think about what genre that I am going to be looking at for my essay, I’m thinking that it is either going to be hip- hop as that is my favirot music genre, or I am going to be doing alternative to follow in the video essays footsteps.

Following on from the video essay, it is due in on Tuesday and I am hoping to get it finished by then. The song that I am using is ‘City Of Angles’ by Thirty Seconds To Mars. I have taken clips from not only their videos but also, the 1975 videos, Hasley videos, Mumford and sons  and others.

Week 4-

This week my group have been finishing up our trailer for our music video. After filming last Tuesday we have discovered that we want to change our idea and the narrative for our film, the new idea that we have is a lot stronger ad a lot more interesting.

We filmed again last Friday and we have found a story line that we are all happy and proud with.

I watched my classes video essays. All of the videos must have related to the genre chosen. These music video essays have given me more of an understanding of what kind of videos and video styles relate to each genre.

Video essay 

I have begun this week, finishing the last introduction session for my essay, and have begun writing the first draft to my essay which is about critically comparing music videos within the alternative genre.

Week 5-

Today is the day that my group show the first years the trailer of our music video. We have created a feedback sheet so that the first years can tell us their thoughts and feelings of this trailer.

Using their feedback we can then begin to make our actual trailer with the suggestions from the first years on how we can make it better.

Week 6-

This week my group have begun brainstorming ideas for the actual music video. We got the feedback from the trailer reveal and we are adding those comments into ideas and improvements that we can make for our actual video.

We have decided that our video is going to be based on jacks character getting hurt while skating and entering death in a dream while he is unconscious. This video links in with the music video trailer. We have spent this week planning for it further, thinking of locations and camera shots that we can use.

I have also begun filming for my 30 seconds of video that I have to make by myself. I have changed the song that I am doing to the 1975 chocolate and I have a better understanding of what I want to create and I am going to hand it in on the deadline date or earlier. I think the shots that I am gong to to use can be shots to look at for the music video that I am creating with my group.

Week 7-

This week my group have been carrying on with filming and coming up with ideas for the final edit of the long form music video. We are hoping to get all of the filming done within this week so that we will have plenty of time to edit and and not rush our final idea within the last couple of days of the project.

I have finished my test product to the song of The 1975 Chocolate. the test product I have made is about 20 seconds long and it follows some of the same conventions as previous alternative videos that I have looked at.

Week 8-

This week we have been finishing up the last of the filming that needed to be done, we have been making a good start with the music video as a group and I have been finishing up last touches in my personal work.



Job Role (art director)

Being the props and art person, also known as property master, means that you are responsible for how the set, actors and the props look to make up the end result of the film. They work to extremely high standards and accuracy with detail.

You must ensure that all of the props are suitable for the film/play/music video that you are in charge of. so, including the time period its set in, the theme (eg horror) and nay other similar aspect.

During pre-production Property Masters liaise with production designers and art directors to break down the script, and to determine what props are required. At this stage Property Masters may work with production buyers who carry out research into period props, styles of furniture, etc., by referring to archives, internet files, books and photographs, or by discussing the requirements with specialised advisors. Property Masters subsequently draw up complete properties lists, and set up and label the properties tables, which are used during production. From the lists, Property Masters select which properties are to be bought in, or hired, and which are to be made.


I think that this paragraph from sums up the responsibilities for a property master well and how they have to work with the production designers and art directors to discuss the script they have been given so they can ensure that their props ideas are relatabil to the film.

To become a property master, you must have eager interest in the subject and have a broad understanding of trends and styles. it would be advisable to take a media related subject in school or college, then progressing to university to do a similar course, related to being a property master. then from university you can join this career. However, if university isn’t your style, you can go straight into the job with apprenticeship or working your way up from the lowest form of the job.

You could work for a film studio, TV production company, theatre or touring theatre company.

You’ll make anything from fake jewellery to replica weapons or moving models. You’ll work with materials like metal, wood and textiles.

Your day-to-day tasks may include:

  • discussing what props are needed
  • interpreting plans, from rough sketches to detailed designs
  • carrying out historical research to make authentic-looking items
  • experimenting with different materials to create effects like ageing
  • using power tools
  • hiring, buying or repairing props

This sums up the work that a Props person will do for a film, TV production or for theatre, as you can see there is more to do than just making sure the right props are being used for the film

Case study

 Jennifer Spence

Films she has been known for working on: 

Insidious 1-4 

Annabelle: Creation


Jennifer Spence is a art director and production designer, working closely around horror films.  She was born in Canada but moved to America with her mother and sister when she was only 9 years old.  When she eventually moved to LA, along with her husband she began to work in the Media industry. Mainly focusing on paint, she is a self taught artist and designer who has managed to work her way up through her carer.


Test Product (director)

What genre am I doing?

I have decided to Alternative because I feel like it is a simple yet effective form of video to create, the majority of alternative videos are filmed in public places, they are a mix of performance and narrative, they are usually following the character (mostly the singer/ band) around in a short story or part of something that is trying to be expressed.

Alternative is also one of my most loved music genres, I know a lot of alternative artists and I am also very fond of alternative music videos for their simplicity and how they are simple yet effectively film, edited and made.

Mood board

Some Alternative music artists are:

  • Coasts
  • Half crown
  • Thirty seconds to mars
  • Coldplay
  • The 1975

Video essay

In my video essay I used a range of videos to edit on top of the song “City of angels” by thirty seconds to mars, the video lasted for 1:59 and I think that I did well to complete the task in the time that the video lasted. Our task was to create a video essay using clips from music videos of our chosen genre and edit it on top of a song that was also from the chosen genre. All of the music videos and the song were from the alternative genre. My video is cut to the beat, is using multiple clips from the music videos I have chosen

Most of these alternative or indie videos are shot using public, or run down/ abandoned places, this allows for cheap filming locations, making it cheaper for the bands to produce their video, it also have the “alternative look” in coronation to a pop video where it is usually filmed in a studio.

Mod Sun

One director that I have been looking at is Mod Sun, also known as Dylan Smith. He was born on the  March 10, 1987 (making him 30) in the past he has been in two bands and now he focuses on making his own music and directing.

Although Mod Sun directs music videos for mainly hip-hop or rap videos he has also made music videos for alternative music.

Two videos that Mod Sun has directed are for Machine Gun Kelly, these two videos have been for sail and all night long. Although they are music videos for hip-hop/ rap music I still that that the videos are creative and work that I could use as inspiration, not for the test product that I am making for this project but for a possibility in the future.

These two videos are very similar in the way that they have been directed.

Firstly, the biggest similarity I can see is is how these videos end. They are both ending with Machine Gun Kelly shirtless, jumping into the same car, the same way and driving off. In fact these scenes aren’t just similar, but they are mirrored.

Some of the similarity’s in these music videos are:

  • getting his photo taken by people ( in front of sail in the sail video and in front of Cleveland in the up all night video)
  • people holding up props
  • walking with girls
  • the music video is Machine Gun Kelly walking though a house/ building and every time he is moving

Mod Sun tends to direct his own music videos. His videos tend to be performance based.

Another director that I have been looking at is Tim Mattia. He lives in London and LA and is known for being a writer, director and photographer. He has directed a lot of music vides for various genres including alternative/ indie, pop and hip hop.

An example of videos that he has directed is:

Troye Sivan: Fools

This video is following a relationship between two guys. One of the guys is disciplined by his farther for being in the relationship he is in, ending the video being hand in hand with a girl when he is walking past his old lover.

This video is pretty slow much like with the song, the edits are cut well to fit the song pace and make it easy for the audience to understand what is going on and enjoy.

The colours of this video are quite neutral and saturated.

Zedd and Alessia Cara: Stay

I like this video because it is simple and cut to the beat, making it easy for the audience to enjoy follow and watch. There is minimal performance in this video and all the shots link into each other. The colours are quite neutral and saturated

The 1975: Somebody Else

This video is partly performance based and is following Matty around while he is seen to be struggling with losing someone he used to be in love with.

The video is using brighter colours than in the past videos I have looked at but the overall look is still quite saturated. The edits are cut to the beat and the video is easy for the audience to follow and understand whats going on.

Tim Mattia is a good director to look at when analysing and studying alternative music videos. His videos that I have looked at suggest that his videos are heavily based upon relationships and love. His videos are simple but effective, straight to the point but enjoyable. The colouring that he uses make you feel calm and I think that the saturated look goes well with the style of music that is being show (alternative) All of the videos show the same performance aspect; singing to themselves when alone.

I really enjoy the videos that Tim has created and I think they are a very good example for inspiration for the test product I am creating.  

Test product

Although my test product is quite basic, it follows the same code and conventions as other alternative music videos. Although there isn’t a performance based aspect like in the alternative videos that I have looked at, it is following the subject of the video, it is filmed in public locations, it is cut to the beat and I have made the colours saturated.

If I were to do this video again, I would add in a performance aspect and would make the music video black and white, much like with some of The 1975 videos and The Arctic Monkeys

As I am in college, don’t have a budget and not a professional director I thought that it would be a lot easier for me to film an alternative music video, with the time schedule and having to film and edit to hand in the video by the deadline date.